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Why Choose Optimized Wrestling System?

O.W.S. is an original, fresh and innovative System that optimizes all three core areas of a wrestler including the technical, physical and mental so you can move further, faster and rise to the top. To read more, click >>HERE

Optimizing you

1. Technically
2. Physically
3. Mentally


1. Youth Club
2. Remote Clinics
3. Consulting

Optimizing your

1. Time
2. Space
3. Energy


1. Individuals
2. Teams
3. Communities

the outside carry
Chris Lembeck OWS

the stonewall defense
Chris Lembeck OWS

Dresser Dump
Chris Lembeck OWS

Moving You Further, Faster.

Feel the experience of having forty-five years of championship wrestling working for you.
Watch as your athlete becomes inspired and begins doing things that even you can't believe.
Coach evaluates each athlete and draws up a customized mental, technical and physical plan
that he believes will empower them to move at optimal speeds. (Moving You Further, Faster!)

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